8 Common Work Related Injuries to Watch Out For

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Workplace injuries can occur without warning. One moment you’re busy on a regular day. The next, you may find yourself out of work with an injury. Every day, thousands of workers lose their lives from workplace injuries. Other take weeks, months and even years to recover fully.

Unfortunately, many of these injuries can be avoided if you are cautioned about them. Let us help you avoid the stress and trauma. Be aware of these common workplace injuries:


Accidents related to physical exertion are the most common cause of workplace injury. These can include lifting heavy objects, pushing, pulling, bending down or reaching up. Whether you are dealing with bulk goods or piles of office files, use caution and proper safety measures to prevent injuries. When your body feels strained, take a short break. Use chairs to stack or arrange objects on high shelves.

Slips and Falls

Slipping and falling is dangerous. If you are lucky, you can escape with minor bruises. If not, you can end up in the hospital. Be vigilant about your surroundings. Observe caution when you are stepping over loose wires. Walk with care on slippery surfaces on rainy or snowy days. Areas around restrooms or drinking fountains can be slippery too.

Falling Objects

If you work in a warehouse, you need to be careful at all times. Objects stacked up in piles or placed vertically can topple over at any time. They can damage your skull and bones if they land on you. Glance up and around you before you start crossing over. Put objects back in place if you see them strewn about.

Sitting in One Position

Staying put on your chair in one position is as dangerous as overexertion. Your spine can get stiff from long hours sitting in your office chair. Leave your desk from time to time and move around. Stretch, have water and walk around to avoid lethargy building up in your muscles and reducing blood flow to you joints. It could lead to serious spinal disorders, aches, pains, and muscle pulls.

Improper Housekeeping

Poor housekeeping can be responsible for many workplace injuries. Make janitors and office cleaners aware of the issue. Make sure people clean up after themselves both in the office areas and in washrooms. Spilled drinks and food must be mopped up immediately. Washrooms must be kept dry and clean. Kitchen areas and cafeterias must be well maintained and dry.

Machine Accidents

Be vigilant in factories where all kinds of equipment and machinery are all over the place. Wear protective gear and attend to personal details such as wearing the right clothes, covering your hair or wearing the proper footwear where necessary.

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