Acromioclavicula Joint (ACJ) Injury

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This injury is also known as AC sprain. It is the involvement of the joint formed between acromion and collarbone.

Injury mechanism:

AC sprain is usually caused by a direct blow to the joint. The result of the impact is Acromion Over-Riding Clavicle and stretching of ligaments or capsule of the joint.


  • Pain in the upper part of the shoulder

  • Limitation range of movement of the involved shoulder – Dependent on the severity of the injury there may be a desire to keep the hand closer to the body to avoid any movement

  • Swelling in the shoulder or if the injury is severe there could be visible bump between the Acromion and the Clavicle

Things to avoid:

In order to prevent further damage in case of suspicion of ACJ injury, one should avoid heat for 3-4 days. So, please avoid:

  • Heating the area (hot shower, hot rub)

  • Massage

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Overusing the arm


Most ACJ injuries will heal in several weeks without any complications. But if the injury is severe by it’s magnitude or not provided proper initial treatment, the recovery will take longer time, and will increase the risk for re-injury after recovery.

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