Christine Wang

About Me:

Christine Wang,a Registered Acupuncturist,is practicing an very unique style ofacupuncture called Classical Acupuncture.With over 2000 years of proven efficacy,classical acupuncture is a branch of TraditionalChinese Medicine that Christine expertly utilizesto address the root causes of health issues and ignite profound transformations

Personal Experience

With a holistic approach and traditional techniques, Christine’s goal is to restore balance and harmony in your life. She provides personalized care that is tailored toyour unique needs, ensuring a gentle and comfortable experience throughout youracupuncture sessions.With a five-year TCM university education, a background in psychology, and extensive experience in various medical settings, Christine has successfully treatedthousands of clients with diverse health issues.Her specialties include.
•pain management
•internal diseases
•women’s health
•immune disorders
•mental healthBy addressing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, Christine aims to guide you towards all-encompassing healing and balance.Take the first step towards a revitalized and harmonious life by entrusting your well-being to Christine Wang and experiencing the remarkable benefits of classicalacupuncture.