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Acromioclavicula Joint (ACJ) Injury

Definition: This injury is also known as AC sprain. It is the involvement of the joint formed between acromion and collarbone. Injury mechanism: AC sprain is usually caused by a direct blow to the joint. The result of the impact…

Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS)

UCS is one of the muscle imbalance syndromes. In UCS, there is imbalance in joint activity of upper body and can be identified by postural changes that include: head forward, Cervical lordosis, Thoracic Kyphosis, winging at the scapula and elevation…

Frozen Shoulder

Definition: Also known as “Adhesive Capsulitis”. Self limiting pathology involves inflammation and scarring of capsule and ligament that are active in the shoulder movement. The result is limited range of motion in the shoulder, especially reduction of abduction and external…