Coach Ario - Empowering Individuals to Achieve Their Fitness Goals
Experience +12 Years


Qualifications: CPT, CNC, CSNC, PN L1, PN L2, PN SSR L1, CES, PES, CSFS, FST L1, MMAConS, WFS, GGS L1, BOLC, Teambuildr SSC, ACSM EIM, XPS, XFS, Exos sports med framework cert, WLS, BCS, FMS L1, FMS L2, SFMA L1, BCS, Barca Innovation Hub Sports Physician diploma, IOPN sports nutrition diploma, MBSC L1, PPSC L1, PPSC Masters, GPTC, GFI, METI MES, ACE OES, CES (cancer), MR PT-C, ACSM EP-C prep, CCC, CCC Masters, Stanford Exercise Physiology cert, Harvard HMX physiology cert, MPM cert, SFU S&C intern coach, Rehab-U movement optimization L1, NDY Microdosing for performance, Gabbet performance training smarter, PSL 1, Upperbody intensive, Care performance, IWHI, PS Programming, …



With a diverse background spanning over 12 years, Coach Ario brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the fitness industry. His experience includes:


3 years of clinical experience as a physiotherapy assistant, post-rehab specialist, and movement optimization expert.

3 years of competitive experience in NCAA Div II athletics and semi-pro bodybuilding.

6 years of commercial experience in management and personal training.


Coach Ario offers a comprehensive range of services designed to support individuals in achieving their fitness goals. His areas of expertise include:


Post-Rehabilitation Training:

Joint mobilization techniques for improved flexibility and pain relief.

Fascial stretch therapy to enhance mobility and release tension.

Pain management strategies to alleviate discomfort and promote healing.

Movement optimization exercises to optimize biomechanics and prevent re-injury.


Personal Training:

Tailored programs for weight loss and muscle gain, focusing on individual goals and preferences.

Exercise coaching to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, and overall physical performance.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching:

Comprehensive nutrition coaching to support healthy eating habits and achieve optimal body composition.

Sleep, stress management, and recovery coaching to enhance overall well-being.

Performance enhancement strategies to boost athletic performance and maximize results.


Testing and Assessments:

Baseline testing to establish a starting point and track progress.

Biological age testing to evaluate overall health and fitness levels.

Body composition testing to assess body fat percentage and muscle mass.

Strength testing to measure functional strength and power.

Cardiorespiratory testing to evaluate cardiovascular fitness.

Movement screening to identify imbalances and areas for improvement.

Coach Ario’s holistic approach, backed by his extensive qualifications and years of experience, enables him to guide individuals towards their fitness aspirations. By combining evidence-based training techniques, personalized coaching, and ongoing support, he empowers his clients to unlock their full potential and achieve lasting results.


Note: Please consult Coach Ario directly for specific inquiries or to discuss how his services can be tailored to your individual needs.