Personal Details
Doctor Name Parving Ehsani
Primary Specialty Acupuncturist
Experience 10+ Years
Education & Training
Medical Education Registered Practitioner and a member of CTCMA
Certifications American Board of Neurological Surgery


Parvin Ehsani is a Registered Practitioner and a member of CTCMA since 2019. Helping people who are needy, and healing vulnerable patients is her business, as has been her career for a long time in her professional life. She had been a health care provider as a Midwife in Iran since 1995. Parvin has combined evidence-based medicine with the art of complementary medicine to empower her patients to achieve their highest health potential. This is the reason for learning acupuncture academically after immigrating to Canada in 2015. She believes education and updating knowledge are keys to health and wellness and always strives to increase her own depth of learning. Musculoskeletal pain or injuries; internal organ dysfunction; emotional, spiritual, and sleep disorders, or headaches are included but not limited to the services. Of course, many pregnant women have benefited from her treatment for varieties of problems.