WorksafeBC suports injured workers by covering them for their visits to a Physical Therapist or a Registered Massage Therapist at no cost to the patient. It’s very important that any injured worker communicates to either of these therapists that the appointment is because of an injury that occured at their workplace. We require your WSBC Claim number, and any details of the injury so that we can properly treat your injury both safely and effectively.

You should also keep in mind that WSBC only covers one kind of treatment at any given time, for example, massage OR physio OR chiropracitic therapy. For any kind of additional treatment that is received which isn’t related to the injury or condition, we will bill you, the patient directly, outside of the WSBC claim.

We accept and work with any ICBC related claims. However, if you endured an automobile accident then be sure to double check with your ICBC adjuster to confirm that you have coverage for Physical or Massage Therapy treatments.  If so, then be sure to provide us with your ICBC Claim number, adjuster’s name, and any kind of contact information you have when you come to your appointment.

Members of the RCMP are covered for treatments, whether you need Physical or Massage Therapy, and we will take care of billing the RCMP directly on your behalf. You will need to fill out a RCMP treatment form when you come in for your appointment, or if you would prefer, for your convenience you can complete a treatment form prior to your appointment and bring it in with you for submission.  

15 sessions each calendar year at one hour per session is covered by VAC, at the discretion of the therapist(s) who’s performing the treatments. If more sessions are needed beyond the 15 that are covered in a calendar year by VAC, then you have to request authorization from VAC for additional coverage, and a physician’s referral is needed as well.

Patients who are eligible for MSP Coverage Premium Assistance can receive up to 10 treatments for each calendar year, and these are partially covered under their BC CareCard. These treatments can be any combination of sessions from a Registered Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, or other supplementary health benefit including acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, and non-surgical podiatry.

Please note that patients who have MSP coverage, are still required to pay any difference in cost from the private rate which depends on the visit’s length. As soon as the MSP coverage has been all used up by the patient, then he or she is expected to pay the regular private rates. Our clinic can work with you if needed, to see if you have MSP coverage.

The vast majority of workplace group insurance plans cover massage therapy treatments when these are performed by a Registered Physiotherapist or a Registered Massage Therapist. All of our practitioners at Downtown Physio are either a Registered Physiotherapist or a Registered Massage Therapist, so coverage from extended health plans will be honoured at our clinic.

Depending on your extended health policy you may need to pay the private rate first, and then send in your receipt(s) to your coverage company for reimbursement. We provide detailed receipts for every appointment at our clinic.

For most Private Insurers we can bill them directly on your behalf, which results in less out of pocket expenses for you.