Why is Core Exercise so Important?

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Your core muscles are muscles that are considered to be a central link that connect your upper and lower body. The core is made up of three types of muscles: the upper abs, the side muscles (obliques) and another deep layer of muscle. Those deep muscles are the ones that do all the main work like supporting your spine and helping with things such as balance.

Thus, weak core muscles can affect how well your arms and legs function, and making certain movements like standing, squatting and sitting more difficult to do. Properly strengthening your core increases the power of those movements, as well as enhances balance and stability. A strong and flexible core is important for:

– Everyday tasks

Doing regular tasks such as bending to put on a pair of shoes, or picking up a package, or sitting in a chair, or even just standing still, all depend on your core. This is usually not noticeable until these mundane tasks become difficult and painful to do. The basic activities, such as bathing and dressing, all depend on your core.

– On the job tasks

If you work at a job that requires lifting, twisting and standing, it is obvious that they rely on core muscles. However, even tasks such as sitting at your desk, typing, using the computer and other work can make your back muscles sore, especially if you are not implementing the practice of good posture.

– Doing housework and gardening

Doing tasks such as housework and gardening usually requires you to bend, lift, stretch and carry objects. Therefore, acts such as vacuuming or mopping rely on your core. Strengthening your core can make these tasks easier and allow you to expend less energy while doing them.

– A stronger back

Lower back pain is a common problem that affects a lot of people, and can actually be prevented by doing core exercises. Usually the first thing that is suggested when you experience back pain is to follow a regimen of core exercises and physical therapy to help attempt to alleviate the pain. By doing a proper and routine regimen of core exercises, you can maintain a healthy back.

– Balance and stability

Your core helps stabilize your body, allowing it to move in any direction. It also helps with your balance, such as standing in one spot without stumbling over. Core exercises can help you become more surefooted and lessen your risk of falling.

– Playing sports and other activities

Doing athletic activities such as golfing, tennis, running, swimming, baseball and more are all powered by a strong core. Strengthening your core will make it easier to participate in sports, as well as live a more enjoyable active lifestyle.

– Good posture

One of the main causes that account for poor posture are weak core muscles. Strengthening your core muscles can straighten your silhouette, lessen the strain on your spine and allow you to breathe more easily. This also helps in maintaining a good form when exercising.
Core exercises are a lot more important than one might think, since it actually helps contribute to regular everyday tasks, as well as strenuous tasks such as playing high intensity sports and heavy lifting. Strengthening your core can reap a multitude of benefits leading to an easier and healthier lifestyle.

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