About Me:

Hamid is a dedicated and compassionate massage therapist with a deep understanding of the human body and its musculoskeletal system. After receiving his diploma in Massage Therapy from the esteemed Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, Hamid embarked on a journey to help others achieve specific medical outcomes through tailored therapeutic massage techniques. From an early age, Hamid's interest in the healthcare field and medical careers became apparent. His passion for anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology led him to attain the title of a registered health information management professional in Canada back in 2015. Although this path wasn't his ultimate dream, it provided him with valuable experience in healthcare administration and retrieving vital health information for patients. In 2019, while volunteering at a physiotherapy clinic, Hamid discovered his true calling in massage therapy. Inspired by the profound impact it had on patients' well-being, he made a resolute decision to pursue a massage therapy course at VCMT, known for producing top-notch professional massage therapists. Massage therapy, in Hamid's view, is a scientific manipulation of the body's soft tissues aimed at restoring their normal function. With a wide range of manual techniques at his disposal, including fixed and moveable pressure, holding, and precise movements, Hamid takes great joy in bringing relaxation and relief to his patients. The opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse social and cultural backgrounds adds immense satisfaction to his role as a massage therapist. Hamid's unwavering dedication, combined with his passion for improving the lives of others, makes him a highly skilled and compassionate practitioner. With his expertise in therapeutic massage and a genuine desire to make a positive impact, Hamid is committed to providing the highest quality care to his clients.

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