Get Back On Your Feet

Downtown Physiotherapy and Health specializes in creating custom made orthotics in Vancouver to correct foot imbalance and biomechanical misalignment. Orthotics are specialized insoles that are inserted into your shoe to improve your feet’s function by realigning and reducing excess plantar strain caused by abnormalities. Our customized orthotics realign abnormalities on the foot by redistributing the excess weight to protect sensitive areas on your feet. Downtown Physiotherapy and Health in Vancouver assesses, diagnoses, casts and precisely images custom-made orthotics using fiber glass, plaster or laser scanners to make personalized impressions of your foot that are then shaped into a custom-made orthotic brace in a specialized lab.

Back pain, foot pain, ankle pain, and overall inability to lead an active lifestyle are some of the consequences of improper foot alignment. And although there are over-the-counter options available for this condition, the actual solution for this is custom-made orthotics that are shaped and molded specifically to your foot’s anatomy and needs. Downtown Physiotherapy and Health in Vancouver is committed to your long-term joy in finding the right fit so you can enjoy your shoes and each step you take.

Treatment Plans

  • Custom Orthotics $30~$100
  • Specialised Support Service $19

Custom Orthotics for Happy Feet - Vancouver Clinic

Depending on your foot’s specific needs, Downtown Physiotherapy and Health in Vancouver can construct orthotics in various shoe sizes, styles and rigidities. Soft orthotics are constructed to help absorb shock, increase balance, and reduce stress placed upon sensitive plantar areas to protect the foot. Semi-rigid orthotics help correct foot balance for walking or for participating in sports and are generally used by athletes to reduce pain when training/competing.

For more information about our custom-made orthotics in Vancouver, call our office or schedule an appointment with our physiotherapists and book your FREE Gaitscan Analysis!