About Me:

Siavash (Sia) Forootanfar, RMT Sia seeks to make a difference in his patients’ lives through providing a professional treatment, mainly focused on the patient, and customized to the patient’s specific condition. He believes that massage therapy can have a great result if done through a thorough assessment, history taking and applying appropriate treatment techniques. He suggests that positive effects of a good massage treatment are beyond what is commonly believed as a simple and mere relaxation massage. Sia aims to be one of the key players of the health care system by providing patients with positive and effective therapeutic results. Sia is highly interested in treating patients with chronic pain and pain syndromes. By providing the patient with information about their condition during the treatment, he aims to educate the patient about their condition for achieving a better result. Using stretch therapy techniques, he helps patients with chronic muscle tightness and emphasizes that a big part of the patient’s treatment is always what the patients do at home as self-care. Before his interest in massage therapy, Sia was a university instructor and has always been interested in musculoskeletal conditions and that lead him to study massage therapy. When not working at the clinic, Sia enjoys hiking, swimming, and hanging out with his family and friends. He enjoys studying and upgrading his therapeutic knowledge during his spare time to make sure he stays up to date on new techniques and concepts. He warmly welcomes all new patients.

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