Get Your Blood Flowing

Compression stocking is hosiery that is worn in feet to perk up circulation of blood in areas. It is frequently observed that people with sedentary lifestyles have issues of blood circulation, where the blood in place of traveling back to heart through veins, regularly pools at the feet, thus affecting appropriate circulation of blood in the body. Medical experts think that deprived circulation of blood can be originator to numerous diseases and ailments as well as infections. Therefore, in order to avert it, professionals have recommended the use of Compression Stockings Vancouver for quality compression therapy, which uses simple compression methods to make sure suitable blood flow in the body.


The main advantage of using Compression Stockings Vancouver, aside from its concrete efficacy is that compression stockings, and compression socks are accessible in a diversity of materials and colors, which is a direct dissimilarity to earlier medical contraptions reachable in the market. The pure range of materials and colors make sure that the user does not have to feel embarrassed wearing such socks or stockings. Furthermore, manufacturers of Compression Stockings Vancouver and compression socks have tried to guarantee that these really suit the juncture, in case it requires to be worn out during plentiful functions.

Treatment Plans

  • Compression Stockings $30~$100
  • Specialised Support Service $19

Custom-fit Compression Stockings for Better Blood Circulation

If you are having problems with your blood circulation and want to accomplish a permanent solution for it, you may prefer our services. We take numerous measurements to make sure that the Compression Stockings Vancouver fit absolutely. For those with an exclusive anatomical shape we can also have customized stockings made particularly. We also carry Compression Stockings Vancouver for athletics and active living. Our outstanding variety of stockings enhances venous blood flow, which enables quicker amputation of lactic acid and other metabolic byproducts. The brilliantly designed stockings will perk up your performance, and can also assist speed recovery-time post activity.