Here at Downtown Health and Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver, our quality team of client-focused physiotherapists is ready to assess and correct your physical limitations, chronic conditions/pain, and sport-related problems. In our convenient physiotherapy centre located in downtown Vancouver, we provide our patients with effective, responsive and unique treatment plans. Short and long-term hands-on orthopedic manual physical therapy treatments and therapeutic exercises will get you back to feeling like yourself again. Our hands-on approach combines osteopathic joint mobilization with soft tissue techniques (myofascial release, functional mobilization, edema management, neural mobilization) and specialized prescriptive exercise for the best possible recovery process. Our attentive team of physiotherapists will listen to you and diagnose the cause of your pain or discomfort, prescribing you with a thorough treatment and physical recovery resolution. Our dynamic team is ready to set you on your way to health and wellness, whether you are a recreational sports junkie, non-exercising individual or even a favourite among Vancouver’s elite athletes. Our solutions are geared toward facilitating and rehabilitating ideal joint and muscle movement, and can include:

Treatment Plans

  • Initial Visit Physiotherapy $150
  • Subsequent Physiotherapy $120
  • TMJ $150
  • Vestibular Rehab $150
  • Initial Visit Pelvic Floor $180

One-on-One Physiotherapy Care From Highly Experienced Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists use clinical reasoning to find the underlying dysfunction that is affecting your quality of life. Then we prescribe physical therapy treatments to set you on the road to recovery. Depending on the level of pain affecting your lifestyle, we identify and prescribe the exercises you need for your treatment routine. Whether you need low or high-threshold strategies, or whether your problem is a sports or lifestyle-related injury, we are here to guide you on your way to a full recovery with physiotherapy in Vancouver. If you want to learn more about Downtown Health & Physiotherapy we recommend you read this article from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.


What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy provides treatment to people suffering from several conditions including but not limited to cardiorespiratory, neurological, and musculoskeletal types. Physiotherapists are specialists who execute physiotherapy treatments by diagnosing and managing related conditions related to their area of expertise. These experts assist to improve body function, enhance performance, and reduce and ideally eliminate physical aches and pains for their patients. The process of physiotherapy always begins the patient’s journey by doing a thorough and comprehensive assessment and diagnosis. Next up is the manufacturing of a treatment plan whose goal it is to resolve any outstanding symptoms and restore body function. Conditions are closely monitored until they have been resolved, and then patients are properly educated and informed with tailored strategies for them to prevent similar conditions from returning, and given valuable advice to improve their overall health.

Why should you select Downtown Health and Physiotherapy in Vancouver as your physiotherapy provider?

We have a deep passion to help our patients improve not only their bodies and health, but their lives in general as well. Our primary mandate is to provide the best experience possible through a seamless process that includes assessing, treating, booking (and rescheduling appointments when needed), billing, and in-taking and discharging patients. Our guarantee to you is that we will do everything possible when in our care to heal your body both short and long-term.

The discovery of the root cause is a fine art that we take great pride in

All too often we hear that physiotherapy clinics are overly focused on symptoms of patients, when instead they should be looking at the root cause. For example, a case study such as tennis elbow can show pain initially in a patient’s neck area, and then be felt in a leg, but the origin of the pain can be from the back. With our relentless focus of figuring out the cause of the pain, we can resolve symptoms quicker, and then construct a long-term treatment plan for the patient to remain pain free.

How does physiotherapy actually work?

At Downtown Health and Physiotherapy in Vancouver, our approach is to closely examine the history of your specific problem, and then follow that up with a comprehensive physical evaluation which helps us learn more about your current condition, and how your problem has evolved over time. Once we feel comfortable with establishing and confirming your diagnosis, we will then recommend a targeted treatment plan that we feel will most effectively solve your problem.

No two patient’s conditions are the same, and every single patient that walks through our door has their condition treated in a unique and respectful way. We want to maximize our efforts as efficiently as possible, so the plan that we create for you is developed to specifically address the core cause of the problem. We provide detailed strategies and helpful tips to either control or ideally eliminate your corresponding symptoms, and build a successful treatment plan to ensure that the same problem doesn’t pop up again in the months and years down the road.

Our team of physiotherapists utilize all of the best tools and equipment available on today’s market, to maximize their efforts when it comes to your recovery. Treatments range in scope depending on the problem that needs to be solved, but can include ergonomics, acupuncture, bracing, a custom tailored exercise program, direct hands-on manual therapy, taping, and numerous other processes to help improve your health as quickly as possible.

Our dedication to you, is that we continuously evaluate and measure your progress, and consistently adapt your treatment to achieve the best results and outcomes, all within the shortest time frame possible. When you have completed your in-clinic treatment with us, you will be provided with everything you need to both stay healthy long-term, and prevent future injuries and damage to your body.

Physiotherapy is effective for treating several conditions including, but not limited to:

We highly value your time

We very much respect your time, we know it’s valuable to you and your family and friends, and our treatment strategies are specifically designed to reflect and honour it. When an injury happens life goes on, and our physiotherapists are here to make sure that yours can resume as close to normal as possible. Our dedication is to get you back to what you were doing before your injury occurred or condition started, as quickly as possible and at the same performance level. Our program offers you a personalized approach that fits comfortably into your busy schedule, and daily routine.