Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a very common source of discomfort in many adults. It is something that can limit us in our physical abilities on a daily basis. Long-time sufferers of back pain may feel like there is no solution, and that they are missing out on getting the most out of their lives. Thankfully, there ARE solutions to chronic back pain problems.

Although pain management therapy may cure temporary pain caused by imbalances in the body, our approach for back pain treatment at Downtown Health & Physiotherapy in Vancouver involves a detailed analysis of your posture and the functional movements of your spine. We correctly identify imbalances and correct them using manual therapy and dynamic muscle re-education therapy that is specific to you.

Treatment Plans

  • Initial Physiotherapy Treatment $150

Various manual therapy techniques in Downtown Clinic

At Downtown Health and Physiotherapy Clinic we use various manual therapy techniques including Muscle Energy Technique (MET), muscle release, stretching and strengthening to correct any imbalance on the spine and peripheral joints. We place a special focus on the lumbar spine, sacrum, and pelvis to permanently relieve pain symptoms by tackling the source of the pain using light muscle contractions to correct the muscles that are causing imbalance and asymmetry.

Our gentle therapy techniques effectively relieve our patients of pain and restore the body system to perform at an optimal level.


At Downtown Health and Physiotherapy Clinic, we specialize in back pain treatment, neck pain treatment, and other pain management procedures. Contact us to schedule an appointment or assessment so we can relieve your back pain permanently.